Getting things rolling!!

Only 294 days!! For those who are not counting down like we are, that is the days until our wedding!!  Things are going slowly I would say, but that is just the way I see it. I would love to get everything done and booked within the first month of being engaged. unfortunately that is not the way it goes. I have school, Taylor has school, my older brothers is getting married in 21 days!! Then we also have Hayley and Paul’s wedding in 210 days!! If you havent noticed I love to count down to things. Not to throw to many numbers at you with the first post I also graduate in 203 days!! Things just keeping getting checked off the list and I love it.

Enough about the numbers because I am sure most of you are not into numbers as much as I am. We do have some things done with the wedding and those things are:

  • Wedding dress bought!!! this one was at the top of my list for sure! I’ll tell you a little about the story behind getting my dress. We went to just go try on some dresses and see what I wanted because I had no idea. We went to the first store and I tried on maybe 4 dresses. The first one I tried on I loved and the funny thing is that my mom wasn’t even paying attention because she didn’t think I would find one. It came as a shock to her when I said I had found my dress. People say that when you find the one you want you just know and I thought for sure it wasnt that easy. Well man, I was proved wrong!
  • Ceremony site. We are having the ceremony at the Whitesburg Center Chapel.
  • Reception site- Monte Sano Lodge.
  • Photographer-
  • Videographer-

New things are gettting done every day. We will keep you up to date on those as well. Dont forget to check out our wedding website on theKnot.

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