Things Always Seem To Work Out

The past few days have been very stressful for us and our families for. Things happen that we just can not control, and seems that those things are what we freak out about the most. Well one of those things for us was that the place we had booked for the reception was taken away from us. This has been a crazy time talking back and forth with them but at the same time looking for a new place. The best thing to do was just to move on and find another place. We looked at many places around Huntsville and some were booked already for that date then others were not large enough. We decided to go look at the Roundhouse down town. We loved it, but of course it was booked or so it seemed. When we went in to talk with the lady she was very helpful and said she would call the other people who had it. This of course took 3 long agonizing days!!Finally she called back though and WE GOT THE ROUNDHOUSE!! I went the very next day and paid the deposit and signed a contract! We are so happy and thankful that this has worked out!

We have also been planning on things like the table decorations, and you will not know what those are until you see the reception 🙂 Not cause I don’t want to say but that I don’t really know what we will be using as of now.

On a very happy note my mom is coming for a few days!!! Oh and my sister’s family bought a house!!! Good things are happening and we are very thankful how God can bring us through these times and bring out the good things!!!

I will keep everyone posted and I will be posting engagement pictures at the end of August!! So check back!

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