A little helpful information.

We are so happy to be getting things done and checked off the list! We got the save-the-dates out very fast thanks to my mom, dad and Mrs Shannon. We sat down last weekend when my family was here and finished addressing all of them with in a day! They were such a big help! We hope that everyone likes them and is going to check the blog regularly now that you have the address:)

There are a few things that I know people will be asking before they get the invitation and we will go ahead and put some things up here to make planning a little easier for everyone.

  • Date of the wedding: March 10 which is a saturday     
  • Time of the wedding: 5 in the afternoon. Seating with start around 4:30 or a little earlier.
  • Reception: Historical Round House Depot
  • Hotel arrangements: The Radisson Hotel Radisson
  • rehearsal at the Chapel:  5:00
  • rehearsal Dinner: Invitation To Follow

 If there is any other information that you  need please just send me an email and I will be happy to give that out.

I am very excited and I hope that everyone else is as well! Hope to hear from yall and cant wait to see everyone in 161 DAYS!!!!

Oh if you would like to look at our engagement pictures here is the link:

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