Hello everyone!
These are the places we have registered! This is just an easy way of keeping up with what we would like. I know some family do not have some of these stores in their area but I think everyone should have at least one store. All of them have online ordering as well.
  1. Wedding Registries
  • Dillard’s is where we are registered for our every day dishes and our Christmas dishes. We are registered there for our towels as well, and we have just normal household items.


  • There are a few things that we have registered for at Wal-Mart that would be nice for household items.
  • Bed, Bath, and Beyond has many household items as well as some entertaining items.

Find RegistryFind RegistryFind

  • I love so many things at Pottery Barn for the house! They have cute things we would love to have to put in our house.

Thank you so much for reading the blog. We hope everyone is doing well and cant wait to see you in 146 days!

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