Graduations, Weddings, and Christmas!!

Hello Everyone,

I know I haven’t wrote in awhile but it has been a little busy around the house. First my mom came down the first of December for Emmillee’s ballet. She was in the Nutcracker as Claire, and she did amazing! I was very proud of her! Then my older wo nieces, bekkah and kyrsten, were in Hanging of the Green at church. They did a very good job as well! That was all in one day! There still wasnt rest after that because a few days after I took my last college final! And on the tenth I graduated from UAH with my degree!! I still really cant believe that I am finished with my college degree. I mean I still feel like I have so many years left before I “Grow Up”, but that is not the case because I start my job January third! I will be starting at Intergraph as a system specialist in January.

The other exciting news is that taylor and I our looking for an apartment. We are having so much fun looking at all the places we could call our first home:)! We will put pictures when I move in! I will be moving in the end of January where ever we decide to live and we are both excited!! I was to busy to update when we got to the double digits for our wedding! There is only 81 more days till our wedding and we both can not be more excited!!! Our families are very excited as well.


Before I end this post I wanted to say congrats to Mr and Mrs Paul Corder!!! They got married December 17th and it was a very beautiful wedding!!

We hope you have a Merry Christmas!!! Love ya’ll!!

Marci and Taylor

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