The real countdown has began.

We are at that time where we come into the single digits!! We are both very excited to start our new lives together! I decided to tell a little story as we countdown the days. Many of you know our story but this is just a refresher and because I love to tell how I met my soon-to-be husband. Every day from now till the wedding I will post a picture and a story of us together:)

I thought it would be great to start off with our first date! Lets not get a head but lets back up and tell you how we met. I was coaching my nephews upward basketball team, and not to forget I was in a walking boot. Actually Taylor and I were talking and I have been in a boot/cast for 8 months out of the 24 we have been dating!! that is one third of the time we have been dating just to let you know. okay back to the story at hand. I was coaching and Taylor was reffing. He started reffing all my games and we started talking a little here and there. I would catch a ride back to my sisters house after church because conveniently¬†I couldnt drive ūüėõ But we started talking more and hanging out with each others family, and we just hit it off. He asked me to go on a date with him while we were on a walk around his neighborhood one¬†Wednesday¬†afternoon:) and then that Saturday we went on our first date! It started with going to see Tucker at a piano recital and then we went to Olive Garden. After a very nice dinner we headed back to his house and watch “Did you hear about the¬†Morgans” with his family:) It was a perfect first date!!

I hope you enjoyed hearing about our first date and how we met! Keep posted for only 9 more POST!!!!



Our New Home…is Almost a Home!

Well the real countdown has begun. We are in the teens and we all know what that means!! Yep that is right! Moving in to what will be Taylor and My new home in 16 days. I took a few pictures of the apartments but not everything is in and it is not all the way clean either.

This one is our kitchen..kinda small but it is great for just the two of us:)

This one above it the other side of the kitchen.

The one below is our dinning room:) its cute i think

Finally our living room! I love it! there is more pictures to come!!

Hotel Update Information.


We are so sorry for the inconvenience that this has caused anyone. We had to make arrangements for a new hotel. The one that we had original gone with is not going to be complete on time, and this is just due to the major updates they are making on the hotel and was not for seen. Please call the new hotel, if you have not done so already, to make reservations. We now have a group rate at the Hampton Inn in Huntsville. All the information is as followed:

Tell them you are with the Schutzius/James Wedding

Hampton Inn Huntsville-Arsenal/South Pkway

501 Boulevard South SW, Huntsville, Alabama, USA 35802
Tel:  1-256-882-2228   Fax:  1-256-882-1129