Happily ever after:)

WE ARE MARRIED!! It is still really hard to believe that we are married. The wedding was wonderful and went off with out a problem. That is all you can ask for. I wanted to thank everyone that helped with the wedding from family to friends!! If yall were not there it wouldn’t of been so amazing.

We got back and I went back to work but Taylor got the rest of the week of due to spring break. This week we are getting use to a “normal” routine, I mean how are things ever normal. I thought I would post a few pictures for people to see. I will put up the rest when we get them from the photographer:)

I also wanted to say thank you to everyone that worked on the car. We loved it! and Taylor had always wanted to leave in a decorated car from the wedding. The funny thing was when we were driving people would honk and we would be like, “what are they honking at us for!” lol it was because we had “honk 4 us” on our car:) Thanks again!


Taylor and Marci James

~Making Memories of every Moment~

Last day before everyone comes in and the set up begins! I am so thankful for my parents who are going to all my meetings and picking up the last minutes things for the wedding! I am so glad they are here and willing to help with that while I am at work. I am also very thankful they have paid for the things to make the up coming days the best days of my life! I know not many people could have that I am thankful for my mom and dad making it come true for me. I also wanted to say thank you to my future in-laws, Mr Rick and Mrs Shannon, I am so thankful for everything they have done for us and continue to do for us! I know we could not have this day with out both of our parents here to help us! ūüôā

Moving on to the pictures and memories. We asked Micaella to take some more pictures for us since she did so well on the first round. The pictures where taking in downtown Huntsville and it was cold!! But they did turn out really well!


I had always wanted a little dog and since me and Taylor would be starting our new lives together we decided to get a puppy!

This is Noel! we got him for Christmas:) He was so tiny he couldn’t¬†even walk and he really didn’t¬†have teeth! He is the cute little puppy!!

He was enjoying Christmas day with his momma:)

After Christmas at my house I headed down to Mississippi for Christmas with Taylor’s Family!! I had told Taylor originally¬†that he would fly to Memphis and I would pick him and then my family would head out to Colorado for our Ski trip! but I had decided to surprise him:) I like surprising him a lot! So I drove down and sent him this picture of me sitting on his trailer in Gran and Poppas drive-way and see how long it would take him¬†figure out that I was actually there!

He was pretty excited!! We stayed down there for a few days to see his family and then we headed back to Arkansas to meet my family and leave to drive out to Colorado!! We went skiing for a few days and we also got to go snowmobiling! There was so amazing views and some amazing memories made:)

We love yall!! Can’t wait to see you soon!!

Marci and Taylor!

72 hours!!:)

Three more days!! Today is the day that I go all the way back to the engagement! For those that just started reading these I will back up to the time to when Taylor and I met. I was coaching upward basketball and he started reffing my games. I noticed he was reffing all my games and we started talking more and more. After about two months of getting to know his family and him to know mine, and of course him passing the brother test. We started dating at the end of March:) I could say from my end that after about a month of dating Taylor I knew I would marry him. I am pretty sure He would say the same thing.

On November 12th he asked me to go on a date, and we were suppose to just go to dinner and movie. It started out as going to see Unstoppable the movie, and it was very good I thought. Then we headed to Olive Garden (where we went on our first date) and it was a very long wait, and Taylor kept getting really¬†nervous¬†about the wait. I told him it would be fine that we would get in soon. We were about done eating and Taylor “got a call” from Mrs Joyce saying we had to go by the ROC and turn off the gym lights. I didnt understand that to well because I think that they could have turned them off, ¬†but I went along with it and we went to the ROC to turn off the gym lights. We walked in the gym and there, on the same court we met on, was the roses and the bench.

We walked in and he sat me down and told me that he loved me. He asked me if I noticed what color the roses where. I really couldn’t answer cause I was crying because I was over joyed and surprised! He told me he never bought them for me before¬†because¬†they mean true love and he wanted to wait till he proposed to show his true love. Then he pulled out the ring and asked me to be his wife. OF COURSE I SAID YES!!

The people that helped him get things ready were awesome too:) Thank you all again!


















We are getting closer! ūüôā

Love, Marci and Taylor

cuatro días más!

I thought I would change things up a little bit and show my language skills. I am very excited my dad comes into town tomorrow!! It means it is getting closer!!! more friends and family will be in on friday. We are having a nice and relaxing week!

The pictures I am putting up are from when we went to Green Mountain for a fun time with Micaella. I went and took some senior pictures of her and she had to take some pictures of us for a grade in her class. We had a lot of fun up there and she took some great pictures.

we have a little too much fun when we are together. He is so goofy, and sweet and there is many more reasons that I love him as well, but those are just a few:)


Hope to see everyone soon!! I dont know if everyone is enjoying these or not but I am!


Marci and Taylor:)

The Big week is here!

I am sorry I did not update the blog on saturday or sunday. Gran and Poppa came in from Mississippi and we were visiting with them. First off to let everyone know we are fine here. The storms did not effect us directly, but it did effect some of the surrounding areas so please pray for them.

I am going to post two pictures today to make up for the last few days I missed. The first picture is right after Taylor got back into the states from Togo, Africa. I went to the doctor and found out I had to have a cast put back on my foot. I had fractured the bone some how again. It was a very eventful summer for sure. This would be for two reasons of course, and the first one being I had a cast on all summer. The second but the most important would be that it was our first summer together:)

The next picture we have is our first time to cook together!!  It was so much fun! We cooked chicken and dumplins, and we used Paula Deans Recipe. I think we got a little out of control with the flour though:) But you know its the memories that last from it that make it great! We both enjoy cooking but really enjoy it when we are together:)

We are getting more and more excited for the big day! but we are also taking it easy and remembering every moment leading up to the big day ūüôā

Hope to see everyone soon!


Marci and Taylor

Taylor’s day to post. Only 8 more days!!

Hey guys, Marci thought she would allow me to write an article today so I am going to tell the story behind this picture. This picture is from painting JJ and Melissa Alderman’s roof railing in Aneho, Togo two summers ago when I went on a mission trip to serve with them for 5 weeks. I was blessed in so many ways over there and loved every second of it over there. I long to return but next time bring Marci along with me. On the railing, I am not sure if you can see it clearly or not, I wrote “I love Marci” on it before I finished painting it. I took a picture to show her when I returned to the States.
    While I was over there, I was able to use Skype to communicate with Marci and my family most nights. One of the things I would always tell Marci before I told her goodnight was that I loved her more than the distance to Africa and back home. This picture was a visual for that, I painted for her.
     I continue to tell her today, that I love her more than anything and she is everything to me. She loves to hear me say it because I know she knows I mean it. We are both really looking forward to 8 days being up and our wedding day arriving. We are so thankful to everyone who has been an influence in our lives. Our parents, our church leaders, and our friends.We are both truly blessed to have each of you in our lives.

Day 9!!:) We are in the single digits!

I hope everyone enjoyed the first day of our big countdown:) I love going back over our memories and telling everyone. We are all excited that we are in the single digits. The best part of the upcoming week is that we will have family and friends coming in and I love being around family and friends. There will be some friends I havent seen in ages that are coming in and some friends that I get to see all the time! I am so excited to see everyone!

Back to the story that I was going to tell today. The two pictures I am posting our from when Taylor we could come over and we would hang out and play games with everyone. the picture below is a time when he came back from Six Flags with his family. I am pretty sure I was sick or getting over¬†pneumonia. He came over to see me and make sure I felt good ūüôā He is so caring and loving. That is just one reason I love him so much!

This next picture is when Taylor came home with me to hang out with my family for a weekend before I left on a vacation with my family and then when as soon as I would get back he would be leaving to go to Togo, Africa. We had such a great time  fishing with my dad and matt and then we went to the park with my mom and just walked around. 

I hope that everyone is enjoying reading and seeing the pictures of Taylor and me as we go through our relationship together. I am thinking that tomorrow will be Taylors day to post! So stay tuned!

Love, Marci