Day 9!!:) We are in the single digits!

I hope everyone enjoyed the first day of our big countdown:) I love going back over our memories and telling everyone. We are all excited that we are in the single digits. The best part of the upcoming week is that we will have family and friends coming in and I love being around family and friends. There will be some friends I havent seen in ages that are coming in and some friends that I get to see all the time! I am so excited to see everyone!

Back to the story that I was going to tell today. The two pictures I am posting our from when Taylor we could come over and we would hang out and play games with everyone. the picture below is a time when he came back from Six Flags with his family. I am pretty sure I was sick or getting over pneumonia. He came over to see me and make sure I felt good 🙂 He is so caring and loving. That is just one reason I love him so much!

This next picture is when Taylor came home with me to hang out with my family for a weekend before I left on a vacation with my family and then when as soon as I would get back he would be leaving to go to Togo, Africa. We had such a great time  fishing with my dad and matt and then we went to the park with my mom and just walked around. 

I hope that everyone is enjoying reading and seeing the pictures of Taylor and me as we go through our relationship together. I am thinking that tomorrow will be Taylors day to post! So stay tuned!

Love, Marci

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