The Big week is here!

I am sorry I did not update the blog on saturday or sunday. Gran and Poppa came in from Mississippi and we were visiting with them. First off to let everyone know we are fine here. The storms did not effect us directly, but it did effect some of the surrounding areas so please pray for them.

I am going to post two pictures today to make up for the last few days I missed. The first picture is right after Taylor got back into the states from Togo, Africa. I went to the doctor and found out I had to have a cast put back on my foot. I had fractured the bone some how again. It was a very eventful summer for sure. This would be for two reasons of course, and the first one being I had a cast on all summer. The second but the most important would be that it was our first summer together:)

The next picture we have is our first time to cook together!!  It was so much fun! We cooked chicken and dumplins, and we used Paula Deans Recipe. I think we got a little out of control with the flour though:) But you know its the memories that last from it that make it great! We both enjoy cooking but really enjoy it when we are together:)

We are getting more and more excited for the big day! but we are also taking it easy and remembering every moment leading up to the big day 🙂

Hope to see everyone soon!


Marci and Taylor

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