cuatro días más!

I thought I would change things up a little bit and show my language skills. I am very excited my dad comes into town tomorrow!! It means it is getting closer!!! more friends and family will be in on friday. We are having a nice and relaxing week!

The pictures I am putting up are from when we went to Green Mountain for a fun time with Micaella. I went and took some senior pictures of her and she had to take some pictures of us for a grade in her class. We had a lot of fun up there and she took some great pictures.

we have a little too much fun when we are together. He is so goofy, and sweet and there is many more reasons that I love him as well, but those are just a few:)


Hope to see everyone soon!! I dont know if everyone is enjoying these or not but I am!


Marci and Taylor:)

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