72 hours!!:)

Three more days!! Today is the day that I go all the way back to the engagement! For those that just started reading these I will back up to the time to when Taylor and I met. I was coaching upward basketball and he started reffing my games. I noticed he was reffing all my games and we started talking more and more. After about two months of getting to know his family and him to know mine, and of course him passing the brother test. We started dating at the end of March:) I could say from my end that after about a month of dating Taylor I knew I would marry him. I am pretty sure He would say the same thing.

On November 12th he asked me to go on a date, and we were suppose to just go to dinner and movie. It started out as going to see Unstoppable the movie, and it was very good I thought. Then we headed to Olive Garden (where we went on our first date) and it was a very long wait, and Taylor kept getting really nervous about the wait. I told him it would be fine that we would get in soon. We were about done eating and Taylor “got a call” from Mrs Joyce saying we had to go by the ROC and turn off the gym lights. I didnt understand that to well because I think that they could have turned them off,  but I went along with it and we went to the ROC to turn off the gym lights. We walked in the gym and there, on the same court we met on, was the roses and the bench.

We walked in and he sat me down and told me that he loved me. He asked me if I noticed what color the roses where. I really couldn’t answer cause I was crying because I was over joyed and surprised! He told me he never bought them for me before because they mean true love and he wanted to wait till he proposed to show his true love. Then he pulled out the ring and asked me to be his wife. OF COURSE I SAID YES!!

The people that helped him get things ready were awesome too:) Thank you all again!


















We are getting closer! 🙂

Love, Marci and Taylor

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