Scotland Day 1 and Day 2


Taylor and I got to go on our dream honeymoon!! We are both very excited to be here in Aviemore, Scotland. This town really does fit us nice because there are a lot of outdoor things and it is not a big city. The first day we traveled all day starting from Manchester, England we took a train up to the highlands of Scotland!

     The second day we woke up and went walking around in Aviemore and Inverndruie. We are in the national forest of Cairngorm which is where we went walking and it is very beautiful! Afterwards, we went down to the river for a little while and saw kids jumping off the bridge into what felt like 50 degree water! They said the water was warm to them because it was such a hot day of 78 degrees. We did not go swimming in the river, all though I tried to get Taylor to go out and swim with them. Later today we went on a horseback tour of the Rothiemurchus Estate here and we got to ride Highland Ponies. The lady that took us on the trail ride was funny because she was talking about how hot it was out and that the horses did not like it at all. We both thought that it was a really nice day out with a light breeze. We are going to rent a car and go on a road trip tomorrow to see Loch Ness and some castles around the area.


Taylor and Marci James

A full last few weeks!

We have been blessed over the past week to have time with friends and family to celebrate changes in our lives! Last week my parents and Gran and Poppa came in for Taylor’s Graduation from Athens State University! I am so proud of him and all he has went through to graduate! Now to get a job and get into graduate school is the next big step for us. We are both praying God will open doors to where He would want us to go and serve Him next. We have said that we want to go here or there but when it comes down to it God will be the one to tell us where to go and I just pray we are listing and go where He wants us too. This past weekend we got to have my parents down again!! and this time we went to a rodeo, loved it! it was pretty good for a locally run for sure. But my parent’s didnt just come for that, well maybe my dad did but they came down for the graduation service at church on Sunday. We had a great breakfast with all our family 🙂 and it was big will all of us there. 


Over the past few weeks we have finally gotten our announcement in the papers. We put it in where I am originally from (Danville, IL), Jonesboro sun (jonesboro,ar), and also the Huntsville times(where Taylor is from and we live now). I am going to put pictures up of the Danville one and the Huntsville one because they are both different. Taylor wrote a little piece on how we met and it go in the Huntsville time 🙂 It was very sweet! 







Thank you so much to the parents for wanting to let everyone know we got married! I know it has been neat for people to see them even if they didn’t come to the wedding or couldn’t come to the wedding:) 

We are getting all packed and ready to head out to Scotland on Friday!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I’ll be sure to post at least once while we are over there 🙂