The Road Ahead

I know it has been a while since the last time we’ve posted, but we have been so busy as of late. Taylor has been enjoying his new job at the ROC as the assistant sports manager, and was working on his first sports tournament for them that was help last weekend. It went over very well and everyone seemed to enjoy it as well.

The reason I am posting is because I was reminded how short and how fragile life really is, and we cant look at life as what we dont have but what we do have and enjoy what we have. This week back home a dear friend of my families past away, it was very sudden. Mr Jim taught me so many things growing up in the youth group at CBC that I have kept with me all along, and will continue to keep with me. Mr Jim was always watching out for us kids in the youth group and making sure we were where we were suppose to be and not in any trouble. We knew if we needed any we could always go to him, and all us girls knew that before we started dating a guy he had to pass the “Mr Jim” test. Don’t worry Taylor passed the test:). I know his family will miss him, but his teachings will not be forgot and he will not be forgotten as those kids he taught grow up and have families of their own and pass those teachings along. 

I have had a few break downs the last few weeks because works has been stressful and our lease is ending at our apartment so we are trying to figure out what to do there, and I am just ready to have some where to call my own. Taylor has to tell me all the time that, “You know it just may not be in God’s timing right now, and we have to be happy with what we have. We have a place to leave and food to eat and family that loves us.” So to end my post Ill leave you with something I read from Billy Graham.

” ‘I want a little more and then I want a little more’, we say we will be happy with a little more but we need to be happy with what we have now”