Adventures in Moving!

It was a happy time and a sad time when we were moving all of our things out of the first place Taylor and I lived together. When I saw the empty walls I remembered the memories we had there, even if they were just for 6 months. They were 6 months I would never ask to trade in. Sure we had our problems, like when we had mice in our apartment. Anyone that knows me well knows I do not handle mice at all!!! That was not a very enjoyable time, but we got through it together which is most important. Another issue we had to endure was living with our grill in our living room for 2 months due to the city saying we couldn’t have it anymore. That cut down on square footage in a one bedroom apartment for sureJ but again it was one of those things that we got through and it didn’t kill us. I can’t say thank you enough to everyone that helped pack us last night!! It was a huge, huge, huge help and there is no way we can ever say thank you enough. We are blessed with many people in our lives and as I type this it bring tears to my eyes how blessed we are to have the people we have to care for us. Many people out there don’t have the support and the guidance we have from our family and friends and most of all from our parents and Taylor and I can’t thank you all enough for your support and guidance.  Well to end on another adventure, as we were leaving the apartment last night we had to lock it up, so I went to find my keys and couldn’t seem to find them anywhere. We looked and looked and looked but we still could not find them, until we came to the realization that my keys had gotten packed away in the 16ft moving truck. So my tip to you for moving is put all your keys and phones in one area together AWAY from the boxes. 

Thanks again.


Taylor and Marci James

More Pictures to come of our new place:)