Home is where the Heart is.






We have finally unpacked all the boxes and “put them away” and let me say that I do not believe we had all this stuff in a one bedroom apartment! All of us are loving our bigger rental house here in Petal, Mississippi, and one of the greatest things about living here is that we are close to family. Family dinners at both grandparents’ house and then followed by games, are a must at least one night a week if Taylor doesn’t have a heavy load at school. The weather was getting cooler here but then it went back up and will be in the high 80’s close to 90’s for a little while, but fingers crossed it will go back down! 🙂 I need some cold weather again! I am going to post some pictures of our house all decorated. I was waiting till we got curtains because it would help it feel homier, and it made it look so much better!! 








Since we have been here, we have also been to a USM game and cheered on some Golden Eagles…Yes we know they are 5-0, but its okay everyone has an off season. We are going to their last game in November and we are hoping for a win. Taylor is excited to be able to get involved in things on campus as well. He even signed us up for a intramural corn hole tournament. We will play every Tuesday till like the middle of November. I think that is all the updates I have today and I have to get back to work, but I’ll update again soon!! 



Taylor & Marci James


Commit your work to the Lord,

    and your plans will be established.(ESV)

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