Moving Forward this Year

This year is going to be a huge year for us and there will be many changes in our future that will be coming and we can’t wait to share them with you all! We started this blog back before we were married to keep everyone updated and in case we moved away about how we were doing in our new area of our lives J  we love to keep everyone up to date on how we are doing with any new changes in our lives!

As of this month we do not have any new changes in our lives, but I say that now and watch next month I’ll be writing about something amazing God has done in our lives. The saying I love is, “If you like to hear God laugh, tell him your plans.” Which is very true because we never know what we are going to be truly doing, but we think we know what we are going to be doing. I know this first hand and I remember it daily and thank God my plan didn’t work out and His did because I married my amazing husband when I followed His plan and moved to Huntsville. I had not planned on going to UAH or really even wanted to move to Alabama but I felt it was what was in God’s plan and I followed. I am blessed every day of my life and I am so glad for that! I also grew to love Alabama and have very dear friends and family there today!

With that I can say we are coming up on our first year anniversary and I can’t believe it! One year ago I married my very best friend in the world and I would not have change one moment of that day! It was the best day of my lifeJ I was the happiest girl in the whole wide world! I am smiling the biggest smile right now as I write this now just thinking about it and I know we couldn’t have pulled it off like that without our parents there to help.

We have begun to adapt to Petal and we have already grown to love this town and made some great friends. Petal is a great little town that is growing fast. It’s really perfect for both Taylor and I because we can live in the country and still only be 10 minutes from town or 20 minutes from Hattiesburg. Taylor really loves the job outlook that Hattiesburg offers and is hopeful for a good internship in the fall that could lead to a good job. The next big change for us in the year end that will be that Taylor will be looking for a job as he graduates from Graduate School! I am beyond proud of him for this. He is working so hard on his degree and he is truly enjoying what he is working on. He has made great contacts here and may have some leads so we are going to be praying for a job here.  But again we are praying for God’s will to be done and will follow Him wherever He leads us. We ask for your prayers as we go through this next year as these changes come along in our small familyJ and we love you all!! 


Taylor & Marci James


Commit your work to the Lord,

    and your plans will be established.(ESV)

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