Busy but Not Too Busy to See His Blessings

Sometimes it feels like we are going 100 miles an hour through our lives, and just looking forward to the next day so we can get through today. We tend to look forward to things to come rather than the things that are happing now in our lives. I know this is how I feel many times, and right now in our lives I keep thinking of things that are coming in the future for us.  But I don’t look at what I have right now and things that are happing in our lives today! Many times I know we look for a house and want to find a house, but right now in our lives we are not ready to buy a house. This is mainly because we do not know where God is going to lead us after Taylor graduates, and he must find a job so we know where to find a home. We of course have a wants and wishes list but like we have learned in just a year and half of marriage, God‘s will is not always our will.

Like I told my girls in Sunday school, we can pray to God all we want but we must also listen and do His will that He has showed us.

With all of that I know that summer is always one of the busiest times of the year, and this summer was no different for us. We did have time to see family and have great times throughout summer. One thing that we did together as a couple was taking “The Art of Marriage” bible study at our church. This was a very good bible study, and we were told going into it that we may not have encountered the topics we were discussing in our marriage right now, but we would come across them at some point. The tools that it equipped us with during it we hope we can handle them in the correct way. I would recommend that class to anyone that is married, and it doesn’t matter how long you have been married it is still great.


This coming fall will be very busy as well for us. I know Taylor is looking forward to December the most! I am extremely proud of all that he has accomplished this past year. This summer was very busy for him I know because he took several courses but also started his internship. We were very blessed for the school to allow him to start his internship in the summer and continue through the fall rather than doing it all in the fall. He will start his last graduate school class on Wednesday the 21!  Which I think is kind of cool because that is the same day Tucker will be starting at BAMA. One brother will be finishing up his college experience while the other starts on his journey through college.



The last thing that is coming up this fall is my baby brother is getting married! Wow that is very hard to believe. In October we will add a new family member to our family. Another busy time but not too busy to see His blessings.


Taylor & Marci James


3 Commit your work to the Lord,

and your plans will be established.(ESV)

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