I love you to Africa and Back

We are so happy that God has opened up a door for both of us to go to South Africa this fall. Our church is planning a trip this November (over Thanksgiving) to travel to Botswana/Lesotho in Africa to work with (re)claimed Project. You can check out their website below for more details on the organization.

While we are there we will be involved in three different area:

  1. Orphan Care Center
  2. Job Creation
    • Reclaimed Project’s job creation initiative derived from the desire to truly “equip change makers to be the change”. In order to equip change makers, Reclaimed team members travel to Africa to teach the locals how to turn their everyday skills into a gateway for financial independence.
  3. Evangelism
    • Reclaimed Project seeks to advance the Gospel among the communities where they work. There are communities in Lesotho that have never heard the Gospel.
    • We may have the opportunity to go up in the mountains of Lesotho on horseback and preach the Gospel to the villages that haven’t hear the word of God. This is an amazing opportunity for us since we both love to ride horses and spread the gospel.

Since we are both going we are coming up with different ways to raise funds for the trip. We would be grateful if you could help us out. I (Marci) would love to book some photo shoots; Easter is right around the corner 🙂 I added a few samples of some family, kids, and senior photos I’ve done.

Just to say a little about me, so you know you are getting someone that actually knows a little about photos, I have a minor in Digital Media and have been taking family photos since I was in high school. You can email me at: marci.danielle88@gmail.com or message me on facebook. Click on the photos to enlarge and scroll through

We are also having a Yankee Candle fundraiser, if you wish to buy some candles (who doesnt love candles!)  or gifts you can click on the link and type in our group number. By buying online 40% of purchase will automatically go to supporting our trip. Our Group Number is: 990077655


We will keep the blog updated on information and preparation for our trip. We are both excited about this trip and appreciate your prayers for our trip to Africa.

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