Start, Strengthen, and Send

Taylor and I are excited to announce that we have accepted a ministry opportunity with Converge Missions to be missionaries in Togo, West Africa. We have been praying about this for some time and we have felt God telling us to take this next step.

A little fact about where we will be going and what we will be doing:

“We will be serving in an area whose primary religion is Voodoo. We will be partnering with a team focused on planting churches and sports camp ministry. Our vision is to plant reproducing churches in cultural centers so that they can then plant in more rural areas and to continue building and growing the sports camp ministry for youth, “Togo Palms”.  Togo Palms has been an effective base of ministry for the past 7 years to plant churches and minister to the Togolese population that finds half of its population under the age of 18.”

We ask you to join with us as a partner with prayer and financial support during the time that we will be serving in Togo. We are seeking monthly financial support partners during this time. Together we can effectively take the Gospel to the unreached people of Togo.

Click link here to Partner with us


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