Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter – these are the seasons we experience in the USA, but in Togo we go through Dry-Hot, Hot-Hot, and Wet-Hot. Togo is divided into three sections for their climates: North, Center, and Coastal. The northern region of Togo is primarily rocky and dry; center region being more tropical and humid; and coastal region temperatures stay about the same year-round, but with a differentiating humidity levels and precipitation changes. We will be serving in the coastal region of Togo so our average temperatures will range from the low 70’s at night to mid-90’s during the day, not including the humidity levels. With humidity, we often see actual temperatures reaching over 100 degrees during the day, therefore, hydration is always important. We also experience harmatten, a dry and dusty air that blows in from northern Togo right before we enter our Hot Season. When harmattan ends, we know we will soon begin the hottest part of the year in Togo.


Due to the extreme humidity in coastal Togo, we must take extra care in how we store our foods, equipment, and building supplies. For example, we purchase our building wood six months in advance, just so it has enough time to fully dry out before we begin working with it. When we eat our favorite box of B N cookies we either must eat the entire bag right on the spot (as I tend to do) or after eating our fill, place them in the fridge so that they do not deteriorate. If we were to leave our foods out, it would only take about 10 minutes for the humidity to set in and ruin the products, not to mention ants would reach them soon after that, as well.

As Christians, we also experience different seasons we go through in our walk with Christ. Sometimes the seasons we go through seem easy and really great, other times they can seem almost unbearable or as God has left us all alone, when we truly know He told us that He would never leave nor forsake us. No matter the season we go through as Christians, we can always rest in the fact that God is always walking with us through the good and the bad times and all we have to do is call on His name.

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