Galactic June

This month we had the opportunity to share with our church VBS kids about our ministry in Togo and the needs of the unreached peoples there. We had a grand time serving the kids French-made cookies that are served in Togo and my favorite drink, bissap. Bissap is a replenishing drink made from hibiscus flowers and added sugar and water. We drank this after working long hours in the sun building the church outside Aneho, which helped replenish our bodies so we could continue our work. The kids at VBS asked many great questions from us and we were happy to share with them of life there in Togo and what our ministry is going to entail.

As you know we started the construction of the church outside Aneho, in January-February when we went on our vision trip, and we are thrilled to announce that the church is complete enough to have had their opening church celebration in that village on Saturday! The impact was incredible, 110 Togolese accepted Christ as their Savior! We are humbled and amazed at God’s great work He is continuing to do in Togo and cannot wait to arrive to serve full-time to continue God’s good work which He has started there. We ask for your continued prayers and partnership with us in our goal to reach unreached peoples with the Gospel.

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