Reconnaissant…French for thankfulness. The month is flying by as we continue to see God leading us down the path to Togo. God has blessed us in many ways the last 30 days, many of which I will share today with you. We ended the month of June with our first church presentation of our ministry in Togo at Petal-Harvey Baptist. We were able to meet great people and partners through that opportunity.


On July 9th, we spoke to Pleasant Hill Baptist, a small country church filled with mission-minded people on fire for the lost in Togo. Marci and I are blessed to have partners in both churches and are excited to see how God will use our partnerships to reach unreached Togolese with the Gospel.


One thing I want to share with you all for this month is the power of prayer and giving has had on Marci and I’s lives, thus far. As some of you know, we are not only in the process of raising partnerships and funds to go to Togo, but also raising money for a tractor which we are in the process of purchasing in Togo. We were able to work a payment plan with the man selling the tractor and its attachments and we were able to raise the first payment of $5,000 by the end of June. Over the last week of offerings and special gifts we now have $3,400 of the $5,000 needed by the end of September! Marci and I are humbled and blessed by those who have given towards this goal. God has showed us once again, that if we trust in Him and in His plan, He will provide all that we need. The purchasing of this tractor and attachments, which is already in Togo, will help us in one more way of building churches and building the VBS sports camp safely and efficiently.

We ask you to pray about partnering with us in prayer and in financial investment.

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Tractor Pic_Togo

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