August Rush

 Time keeps flying by for us, but we are grateful for the relationships and partnerships we are making as we progress in our mission going to Togo. Great miracles have happened this past month for us; we had the opportunity to share with several churches and individuals across the states, connecting with them personally about our passion to win Togo to Christ. God has also provided us the opportunity to raise $5,500 of our second payment of the tractor in just three weeks! We are truly humbled by the people God laid on their hearts to give towards this project and know He will provide the final payment on His timing.

Another miracle I would like to share with you is from in Togo, at the second church plant we helped construct back in January. The church is now fully plugged in and there are now two structures used for ministry and a soccer field at this location, which has come in use this summer during mobile sports camps evangelism. This summer, Togo Palms held their mobile sports camp here, bringing in 83 kids of which 50 accepted Christ and are now being discipled!

The picture below of the young woman and child is of DeDe. Her story is such an encouragement to anyone in need of God’s promise and hope. Her husband is in jail for a crime that he did not commit, she has very little food at home, is jobless with two little kids at home, has been refused help from her husband’s family and is 10 months behind on her rent. She has been following Jesus for less than 90 days, she is faithful to church, is learning and growing, serves any time something is needed, tells her friends about Jesus and does it all with a smile. Only Jesus can bring hope to our most difficult of circumstances.
Thank you for partnering with us through prayer, communication, and financial commitment! We ask that you continue praying for the hearts of the Wachi people of Togo to be open to the Word and for us as we continue making life-long partnerships with others in our journey to Togo. Pray that the 3rd and final payment for the tractor we are purchasing in Togo is met through. And finally, we encourage you to share with us your prayer requests, as we wish to pray for needs in your lives and encourage each other in Christ.


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