Giving Thanks- November

“I will give thanks to you, LORD, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.” Psalm 9:1

As we find ourselves in another holiday season, and who doesn’t love the holiday season? Not because of the decorations or presents to come, but for the time we get to spend with family and friends. I am sure everyone’s family has traditions for Thanksgiving and Christmas, well I know my family does. We always have certain food, my mom’s noodles and of course my favorite, Cranberry Wobbler. Don’t worry! I’ve already looked and when we are in Togo, I can still make this for my family! Remember how I mentioned spending time with family? In our August Newsletter, we shared with ya’ll the story of DeeDee, whose husband had wrongfully been imprisoned and had caused DeeDee to be left to take care of herself and her little family by herself. But how she handled the extremely difficult times with grace and faith in God. Well we have great news, DeeDee’s husband has been released from prison and is home with his family, finally! We are thankful that his release and charges have been dropped and is now able to return to his loved ones.
As we get closer to our goal of being fully funded, we are thrilled that one of our teammates was able to move in October and begin ministry. There are currently 3 of 8 team members serving in Togo. We anticipate a day coming soon when we will all be there serving together, reaching the Togolese with the Light.

Prayer Request:

  • Our goal is to be 50% by the end of November; pray about how God can use you in reaching Togo with the Gospel
  • The hearts of the Togolese people, that God would start working even before we get there
  • Housing, our leader is on the ground looking for our home

We ask you to pray about partnering with us in prayer and in financial investment.

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