Great ending to 2017

We wanted to give a quick up date of what God has been doing in Togo, he is moving in a wonderful and powerful way over the past few months. We know of 28 people that have made professions of faith in Jesus since last Thursday.  Twelve of these new believers are in the new church plant in Kpadape. There were just over 100 people in attendance this past Sunday. God has also been moving in the second church plant, the one we helped with in January, this past week Pastor Ben was invited to speak and share the gospel with a voodoo priestess. This priestess was known for running God followers out of the house and she was also known for being able to communicate with demonic spirits when the witch doctor could not. God spoke to her that day and she trusted him as her savoir, the people have seen a drastic change in her life through this new Faith. The priestess picked up the phone right then and had to share with her son in Ghana about her new-found faith.
Please pray as these new believers understand the true meaning of Christmas for the first time and as they grow in Christ through the next year.

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