2018 Year End Achievements  

December has come and gone, now January is already upon us! We have had a busy-ministry filled December and are anticipating an equally exciting January. As you all know our end-of-the-year monthly budget goal was to be 75%, we were able to achieve 65%, with many others making commitments that will start in January. Another achievement has been made through our current monthly/annual partners and one-time support partners, by having our Start-Up Fund become two-thirds complete! We are currently on track to have our Start-Up Fund complete by April. Our Go-Date is May 2019 and we are looking forward to a busy Spring term of raising support partners, packing our belongs, and preparing our families and loved ones for our departure!

This past month was an energetic month for our churches and pastors holding evangelistic campaigns and youth camps. Many people who had never heard the Gospel were provided the opportunity to hear and receive it. Please continue to pray for the movement of the Word to continue spreading rapidly through Togo.


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