Cross Cultural Training- March ’19

The past two weeks we have been at the Center for Intercultural Training (CIT) in North Carolina for a four-week training period to prepare our family for missions cross-culturally. This has been an intense, yet spiritually fulfilling two weeks, and we are looking forward to the next two weeks of training.
Some of the topics we have discussed so far have been spiritual warfare and effective cultural communication tactics. These two have been extremely helpful to us as we prepare for ministry in Togo and ministering in a Voodoo culture. Though we recognize one can never truly be fully prepared for cross cultural missions, CIT has done an incredible job of educating and opening our minds to a different way of processing and communicating in a third world culture.
As our family learns how to be better communicators of the Gospel, we also have been working diligently in raising support partners and preparing our supplies and tools to send to Togo. We will get back from training April 13 and turn around April 15 to head south with our Penske truck full of supplies and equipment to send on a shipping container to the field.
As we enter into April, we ask prayers for smooth transitions and moving processes. We also thank each of you for your continual support in prayer as we go through training, packing, partnering, and moving. This is a busy time for our family, but we are enjoying every step and day with the relationships we have made along our journey. We are currently 74% and our start-up budget is almost complete. Please pray for partners to join us, so that together, we can spread the Gospel to unreached peoples in Togo. If God is leading you to partnership with us, click the link below!

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