God has called us to go and minister to the people of Togo, West Africa and bring Christ’s Good News to the unreached people groups, the Gen and Wachi of Togo and Benin. We will be serving in an area whose primary religion is Voodoo. Voodoo first began in Togo before it spread to Haiti and the rest of the world through its slave trade, years ago. Today it engulfs the whole country and most of West Africa and can be seen through every political, medicinal, and cultural area of Togo.

We will be partnering with the 6 Degree Initiative, a team-based unit focused on church planting and sports camp ministry. Our vision is to plant reproducing Bible-believing churches in culturally-significant communities, train and disciple local believers to take the Gospel into rural areas, and to continue building and growing the sports camp ministry for youth. 

In a country where malaria, yellow fever, and HIV/AIDS is prevalent, over half the population is under the age of 30, making our target people to be young adults and their families. Our goal is to bring God’s light and hope into this spiritually dark and desolate people, to make disciples, and to send the Togolese back into their own communities spreading the Gospel.

We invite you to partner with our family through the resources God has given you, through your prayers and your financial support, in this work to which God has called us. 

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