Happily ever after:)

WE ARE MARRIED!! It is still really hard to believe that we are married. The wedding was wonderful and went off with out a problem. That is all you can ask for. I wanted to thank everyone that helped with the wedding from family to friends!! If yall were not there it wouldn’t of been so amazing.

We got back and I went back to work but Taylor got the rest of the week of due to spring break. This week we are getting use to a “normal” routine, I mean how are things ever normal. I thought I would post a few pictures for people to see. I will put up the rest when we get them from the photographer:)

I also wanted to say thank you to everyone that worked on the car. We loved it! and Taylor had always wanted to leave in a decorated car from the wedding. The funny thing was when we were driving people would honk and we would be like, “what are they honking at us for!” lol it was because we had “honk 4 us” on our car:) Thanks again!


Taylor and Marci James

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