Building For the Future

We are exciting to see what God is doing in Togo and being able to be a part of it here on the ground. This past month we finished construction on the children’s building at Grace Church, which is the newest church plant within the 6 Degree Initiative. The next day they were able to have their first meeting of Court-Yard kids under their new roof! Thank you for those that partnered with us to make this possible. Lives of these kids are being changed and we pray that the Word spreads to their families, if they aren’t attending the church now.
Both of us are feeling more confident in our French lessons and are able to communicate in small ways with those we work closely. This has made us feel more connected to those around us and more grounded here, as well. The kids are doing well in school and are learning more French; seeing our kids singing along and listening at children’s church, even when they can’t speak the language, shows us that God speaks to every heart in His language.

We are thankful to the partners that have been with us all along and those who are partnered with us now. If you would like to partner with us in ministry, please click the link below or feel free to reply to this newsletter.

Click here to Partner with us!

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